Start With Why

One of our favorite books is Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why.” His premise is the long term successful companies have a clear “why” which is a purpose or mission that drives what they do every day.

At Davis Business Law, we believe everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things
if they just prevent stupid mistakes.

In short, we hate seeing people suffer through stupid preventable mistakes that come at great cost to their time, money or reputation.

We also believe that the most profound way that our skills can help people achieve these extraordinary things is by helping them improve their businesses. By doing this entire generations of a family can be transformed from living paycheck to paycheck to living more fulfilling, prosperous lives. For our clients that are already “there” our role is to help them keep it going and further capitalize on their success.

I know to many people this seems like an odd, perhaps incongruous purpose for a law firm. They think – aren’t lawyers about fixing problems? The answer is yes, most law firms do just that and fixing problems is expensive. However, with our Preventing Stupid method of rooting out and/or preparing for business problems, we help our clients build their Business Immune Systems so that they do not spend their time and treasure fixing problems and instead spend it building wealth.

That’s where the true value to our clients comes from – we take care of the threats and weaknesses so they can focus on their strengths and opportunities. More importantly we do this through the use of well thought out preventative systems to prevent the problems that can be reasonably foreseen and to prepare to manage those that cannot be warded off.

Our blog is the firm’s story of these adventures. Some of the blog will be explaining our systems and how they work. We will also share insight to the best practices and anecdotes to illustrate the impact our systems have for our clients and the best way to problem solve.

We’re glad to have you on board and hope you too will come to see the value in Preventing Stupid before stupid mistakes rob your bottom line and peace of mind.

Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis

Business Lawyer/CEO

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