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What Three Elements Must I Include in a Business Contract?

Three Elements Using contracts is essential when conducting business transactions for several reasons. A well-drafted contract protects your interests and reduces the chance of a lawsuit because of a misunderstanding. A written contract, when it contains the necessary elements, is legally enforceable. A contract that is not legally enforceable is worthless to a company. Therefore, […]

Five Requirements to Maintain Your Company’s Corporate Status

Five Requirements  A company may choose to incorporate for a variety of reasons. Obtaining corporate status provides several benefits, including limited liability for shareholders and officers. Safeguarding personal assets is one of the primary reasons that many people choose a corporation as their business entity. Unfortunately, many companies fail to take steps to ensure that […]

Are Oklahoma Businesses Required to Comply with the EU’s Privacy Protection Laws?

If you thought that you did not need to worry about compliance with a law enacted to protect consumers in the European Union, think again. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could apply if your company does any business in Europe. The penalties for non-compliance could be severe. Therefore, if you have not conducted a […]

Keep Your Business Cyber Secure!

As the calendar turned into the 21st century, technology began to become more advanced and widespread. From cell phones to e-commerce, the average consumer is engaging in online transactions at a great pace. However, as the consumer increasingly looks towards the internet in conducting business, the threat of the customer’s information becoming public is greater […]

Get it in writing!

“Did you get it in writing?” This expression is so often used that many people think it is the law. The reality is that oral contracts are just as valid under the law as written contracts. Many companies use oral contracts with their customers to make the business relationship seem more personal. Oral contracts send […]

Benefits of TOD Accounts

What expenses can I eliminate? Every small business owner has grappled with this question. Most Americans have dealt with this question for their personal expenses as well. Legal expenses are one of the most attractive expenses to avoid. Therefore, many Americans are more than happy to avoid the legal system by using accounts which automatically […]

Start With Why

One of our favorite books is Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why.” His premise is the long term successful companies have a clear “why” which is a purpose or mission that drives what they do every day. At DL ours is: We believe everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things if they just prevent stupid mistakes. In […]