Business Law Services

Your lawyer should be a trusted business advisor – a wingman – rather than just a legal technician. Davis Business Law helps your business thrive by implementing better business practices and holding you accountable to your goals.


We partner with you to create legally binding documents and agreements for every aspect of your business, whether they be employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, partnership arrangements, or others.

Business Formation

The process of business law formation significantly sets the tone for every aspect of your business’ operations and policies. Our experienced legal team can help you craft the foundation so that will set up your business for success for years to come.

Business Issue Cases

Business Issue Cases where we help our clients with a present need uncover an opportunity to determine a cost effective solution. They basically range from simple drafting of documents to combative litigation to negating a deal. There are three levels of business issue cases.

Corporate Governance

We work with our clients not just to keep their corporate or LLC records in order, but we also help them run their businesses in a mature, organized way that subsequently leads them to greater successes.

Strong Protected Business Program

Rather than write a blank check to an outside legal representative, we offer a custom legal team that integrates directly with your management, working on a fixed budget and providing you with constant communication and reporting.

Human Resources

The success of every business is emphatically dependent on the strength and structure of their human resources department. We consult with you on building an HR department that will protect your interests and future goals.


While avoiding lawsuits is the ultimate goal, there are instances in which litigation services are needed to protect yourself and your company. As a result, we provide you with the legal representation you need to handle all of your business disputes.


We help our clients protect their property whether it is real, personal or intellectual. We handle transactions, leases, government filings and a host of other ways to help them keep what is theirs.