Over the next nine weeks we will be doing a 9 part series on the largest areas of vulnerabilities for your business. This report is strictly an introduction, organized by the eight key areas where businesses epically fail to get the right legal protection. Not coincidentally, these eight areas also make up the general counsel’s portfolio. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the legal issues businesses encounter. Instead, it highlights common scenarios that cost businesses dearly in distraction, aggravation and ultimately cash flow. If a legal problem is not properly managed, or better yet prevented, it can gum up the whole machine and cost you untold dollars to fix not to mention the stress and opportunity cost.

As your business grows, your exposure in these eight areas poses the greatest legal threats. Legal matters are like dentistry, you can take care of them yourself, but you probably should not. This is particularly so when you have built a valuable ongoing business with a bunch of moving parts. This Davis Business Law Free Report outlines where you need sound legal management to keep your operation running at its best so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.