First and foremost, I wish you success in business. I founded this firm because I believe that “Businesses can succeed and change lives if they just avoid the stupid mistakes.” I hope that this blog series gave you bit of insight into the legal matters that you need to be concerned about when running a successful business. I also anticipate that you gathered a better understanding of the complexity of these matters. Therefore when businesses reach a size where these sorts of matters begin to interfere with or distract from your company’s mission that you plug in a shared or fractional legal department.

Yes, of course, that is the core line of business at my firm. I trust this series illustrated to you that we know how to handle this job in a comprehensive and efficient manner that enhances the efficiently and profitability of your company. If we cannot do that, the fit is not right, and we will not take on the work.

Most law firms engage with their clients reactively only coming in when the “house is on fire.” We partner with our clients on an ongoing basis integrating as part of senior management so that we can not only prevent these fires, but also collaboratively improve our client’s operations and legal protections to increase profits and efficiency. Of course, the fires still happen but then we are there to help put them out.

If you are running a sophisticated company, it is generally a good idea to get a legal department on board. We do this on a shared basis with systems and with researched and experienced knowledge of a lot of the things you need taken care of, while still being responsive to your goals and needs. If you do not need us, I hope that this blog series has clarified how to protect your business.

We stand ready to help you or answer any of your questions. Just call or email us to set an appointment for a free hour-long Business Check Up. You will walk out with valuable insights into your business and have an organized report on what you can do to improve it – which means improve your bottom line and your peace of mind. Enjoy your adventures in capitalism!