The Texas Residential Construction Liability Act: What Contractors Should Know

The Texas Residential Construction Liability Act (“RCLA”) became part of the Texas property code in 2003. It sets out the formal process for bringing a suit against a contractor for a residential construction defect. A demand letter is one of the mandatory steps for a homeowner addressing construction defects with contractors, and contractors can use a homeowner’s failure to follow certain steps to their defensive advantage in an RCLA claim.

Facing a Lawsuit? Best Practices for What to Do If Your Business Gets Sued

Being sued can trigger panic. Getting served with a summons is the last thing a business-owner or senior management wants. But knowing what to do when your business faces a lawsuit can make all the difference. If your business takes early and critical steps — understand the allegations, secure legal representation, and safeguard your assets — you can be fully prepared to properly respond and protect your business.