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Our Approach

Your lawyer should be a trusted business advisor – a partner – rather than just a legal technician. Davis Law helps your business thrive by implementing better business practices and holding you accountable to your goals.


  • Typically less than $10 million in annual revenue
  • Have reached critical size and need help navigating the
    next phase

Davis Law’s preventative lawyering approach helps your business adjust to growth-related changes and amplify success by foreseeing issues, creating solutions and implementing systems that ensure your business is growing in the most profitable way possible.

We learn the inner-workings of your company to streamline business practices and provide legal counsel so your business goes from good to great.

This process and the resulting action plan serves as the foundation for future growth.


  • Typically more than $10 million in annual revenue
  • Well-established and seeking new opportunities to expand or perfect their business

Davis Law offers legal expertise to protect your ongoing operations while you are preoccupied running a successful business.

Our Enid business law firm evaluates every aspect of how your company runs in order to strategize new opportunities with you.

Our legal and business expertise will enable your business to capitalize on new opportunities.